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Clients decide to divorce for many reasons, such as infidelity, domestic violence, substance abuse and just having grown apart from their spouse. The firm’s attorneys do not judge your past actions or scrutinize decisions. Our purpose is to focus on your future and achieve the best possible results under the circumstances, whatever they are. We are sensitive and considerate of the difficult time you are experiencing. Over the years, our attorneys have learned the unique challenges faced by clients in the midst of divorce.

In California, the legal term for ending your marriage is “dissolution of marriage” and commonly called divorce. Like any family law problem, divorce can be reached through by settling outside of court, by trial or a combination. We approach divorce by first assessing the complexity of your issues and underlying tone of proceeding. Decisions on how to proceed are made with this information in mind. Our attorneys are skilled divorce practitioners, bringing years of experience to complete your divorce with the minimum of stress, time and cost. Therefore, we encourage our clients to be reasonable, but we discourage a client from accepting an unfair settlement in order to just end the divorce process. We counsel clients that there is no closure with an unjust deal.

Divorce ranks as one of the most stressful events a person will face in their lifetime and our goal is to alleviate much of the stress by keeping you informed, educating you about divorce, drafting, filing and serving all legal documents, completing discovery, making court appearances, negotiating settlements and taking a case to trial. No divorce is too small or too large for the Kliever Law Group, LLP. We successfully handle divorces for clients with significant assets and family businesses. A substantial number of our divorces involve spouses in the armed forces and we understand the specific needs of military divorces. The firm is experienced in all aspects of divorce, including asset and debt division, child custody and visitation, spousal support and child support.

In most cases, our clients need orders for custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and possession of assets before their case is settled or tried. We seek temporary orders so that you can have custody or visitation with your children, receive child support and/or spousal support, remain in the family home and continue managing a business. In cases where your spouse may hid or spend assets during the divorce, temporary orders can be obtained to prevent a spouse from liquidating assets.

The divorce process begins with the filing of a petition requesting dissolution of marriage. If your spouse files the petition, you must respond or a default judgment may be entered, which can be contain very unfavorable terms. Disclosure of financial information is mandatory for both spouses and our firm is diligent in providing accurate financial information and in obtaining truthful and full disclosure from your spouse. We will advocate strongly for fair, temporary orders for custody, visitation and support. Our goal is to reach a just settlement and to finalize the divorce in a timely manner. Settlements are often reached at the courthouse at hearings. We often settle cases at “4-way” meetings, where the parties and their attorneys sit down together and negotiate an agreement. However, if any issues cannot be settled, we will take your dissolution to trial and obtain a judgment from the court.

The two most commonly contested issues in divorce are thedivision of assets and debts and child custody. In these instances, experts can be very helpful to your case. The Kliever Law Group, LLP often hires experts, such as appraisers, accountants, psychologists, counselors, vocational experts, medical doctors and actuaries to provide valuable information and opinions. Of course hiring experts will add expense. After carefully considering the costs and benefits, expert opinion may be warranted to strengthen and clarify your position.

In some instances, advancing a client’s interests calls for consulting with and hiring experts. For instance, forensic accountants “trace” assets to determine whether they are community or separate property. Accounts also provide opinions of a party’s true income in cases of a party underreporting income to lower their child support obligation. Appraisers value real estate and personal property. Actuaries value pensions and determine each spouse’s share in plans such as CalPERS, FERS and STRS. Business valuation experts provide accurate business valuations, including the portion that is separate and community property. In hotly contested child custody cases, psychologists conduct custody evaluations to assess the family and recommend custody and visitation plans. Custody evaluations are common in “move-away” cases, where a one parent wishes to relocate with a child. A parent’s mental illness and/or stability may be an issue in custody, necessitating psychological evaluations. Vocational experts assess a party’s ability to earn and job prospects in some child and spousal support cases. Medical doctors are helpful in some support cases to assess the existence and/or severity of a disability. Attorneys practicing in the specialized areas of tax and bankruptcy may be consulted to ensure our clients are provided first-rate advice and information on all of their options.

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