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Philosophy and Approach to Law

Whatever your family law issue, be it divorce, paternity, custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and the like, such problems are often the most stressful events a person will face in their lifetime. Family law problems can be resolved by agreement and settlement, litigation and trial or a combination. Most people want to reach agreement and “settle” the case outside of court, but this is not always possible. Usually doing nothing is not the answer, so tackling the problem with a skilled family law attorney is the surest course to resolution. (Although there are times when “do nothing” will be our legal advice.)

Just as all people are different, each family law case has its own “personality.” No situation is the same and the complexity of your issues will range from simple to highly complex. An example of “simple” matter is a divorce with a couple having little assets and debts, no children and similar incomes, earned only from employment. A “highly complex” divorce may entail a couple with significant assets and/or debts, community and separate properties, ownership of family businesses, financial fraud, disputes over child custody, spouses with very different incomes and domestic violence.

Even though you may have simple issues, the tone of your family law action plays equally into your case’s difficulty. The tone can be either amicable or acrimonious and is driven by the level of anger and reasonableness of the parties. Of course, the most difficult cases consist of complex issues, coupled with an acrimonious tone. The Kliever Law Group, LLP is experienced with negotiating settlements and contested hearings and trials.

A lawyer experienced in family law will certainly “pay-off” in the long run, in both complex and acrimonious cases, as well as in situations with simple issues and an amicable tone. It is our opinion that competent representation helps clients avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls, whatever the complexity and tone. Our approach to family law is to strategize based upon the complexity and tone of your case. Litigation and trial are expensive options, but may be the only way to resolution. We strive to negotiate settlements. But, aggressive litigation will be pursued if the circumstances warrant. Such determination will be made after ascertaining the facts, carefully considering the relevant law and presenting the pros, cons and expected expense with our client.

Whether you just want to learn about your options, desire to begin your case, are in the middle of the action, or have a trial date set, contact the Kliever Law Group, LLP today for an initial consultation.

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